The New Approach To Musculoskeletal Pain Is Clear

and it's a better approach!


EVERY major guideline in the western world now agrees: the highest level of care consists of a patient-centered approach featuring expert diagnosis, manual therapy and exercise.

At Active Care, we don't use simplistic diagnoses ("your hip is out"), unnecessary x-rays, endless treatment plans or pseudoscience. You deserve honest, ethical, evidence-based care. This is what we specialize in.

On your first visit, you'll come away with a clear understanding of your condition, treatment options, and ideas for how to take part in your own recovery.

Take advantage of our expertise and return to what you love.

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The Active Care Approach

Your Goals Are Our Priority
Expert Evaluation

Expert Evaluation

High Value Care

High Value Care

A Commitment To Your Recovery

A Commitment To Your Recovery


We want to hear them!

Often, people are concerned about making that first call to a chiropractor, but we are different. We've defined ourselves by offering the highest quality care, a multitude of gentle approaches and individualized solutions to meet your needs.

No matter the case, Active Care has you covered. 


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